Phrasal Verbs

What are phrasal verbs
The term phrasal verb refers to a verb and preposition which together have a special meaning. For example, call off means "cancel." Phrasal verbs are also known as two-word verbs or three-word verbs

Phrasal verbs هي كلمة تطلق على أفعال يضاف إليها أحرف جر مما يؤدي إلى تغيير معنى الفعل كلياً. مثلاً، الفعل call يعني ينادي و لكن عندما أضفنا حرف الجر off للفعل call أصبحت عبارة call off تعني يلغي.

Following you will find the most commonly used phrasal verbs together with their meanings and an example on each phrasal verb

هذه أكثر أفعال phrasal verbs استعمالا طبعا مع شرح معانيها و بأمثلة أيضاً.

ask out
ask someone to go on a date: يطلب من شخص موعدا للخروج سويا
We've been asked out to dinner twice this week

bring about, bring on
cause يسبب
Land reform brought about a great change in the lives of the common people
This incident will surely bring on a crisis.

bring up
rear children (a يربي أولاد
Every mother has to bring up her children properly

mention or introduce a topic (b يفتح أو يبدأ موضوع (للحديث)
The students brought up the question of racial discrimination in class

bring off
to accomplish ينجز
The manager brought off a big business deal

call back
return a telephone call يعاود الاتصال
The actor was called back for a second audition

call in
to call upon for consultation; ask for help يطلب للاستشارة أو المساعدة
Two specialists were called in to assist in the operation

call off
to cancel (something) that had been planned for a certain date يلغي شيئا كان قد حدد له موعد
The performance was called off because of rain

call on
to visit يزرو
I like to call on friends

call up
to communicate or try to communicate with by telephone يتصل بأحد على التليفون
I will call him up to ask about his health

catch up with
reach the same level pr position يصل لنفس المستوى أو المركز
They tried to catch up with the leader in a race

check in, check into
to register, as at a hotel يسجل حضور أو يحجز في فندق مثلا
We checked in at the reception desk

check out
take a book from a library (a يأخذ كتاب من المكتبة (للاستعارة)
This book was checked out in your name

investigate (b يدقق أو يفحص
The policeman checked out the validity of the driving license

check out of
leave a hotel يغادر الفندق (يسجل خروج)
We checked out of the hotel this morning

cheer up
make (someone) feel happier يُفرح أو يسعد
This fine weather should cheer you up

clean up
to wash or tidy up ينظف و يرتب
The maid cleaned up the house after the party

come across
meet by chance يلتقي صدفة
I came across this picture when I was cleaning out the attic

cut out
stop an annoying activity يوقف أو ينهي شيء مزعج
Let's cut out the talking and get back to work

cut down
to lessen; decrease يخفف أو يقلل
The doctors have told me to cut down on between-meal snacks

cut in
to drive into a space between cars in a dangerous way likely to cause an accident يقود بين سيارتين بشكل خطير قد يسبب حادث
A speeding car cut in and nearly caused a crash

cut off
to stop suddenly; disconnect يتوقف فجأة أو يفصل
We were cut off in the middle of our telephone conversation